1. As for the pricing:

Taking the IQ test per se is free of charge. The price for the results is 23.99 USD. Alternatively, you can get the results as well as enroll in our brain-training program for 25.99 USD/month.

2. As for the brain training program:
(It is still a minimum viable product, a prototype, same as this website, and itā€™s only accessible on desktop. However, itā€™s fully functional for training purposes. For now, you can only access the program/web page with the current device you are using now, with which you have made the payment. You wonā€™t need to log-in, you can just access the page with this device, and our software will recognize itā€™s you and allow you to train. We are still working on developing the entire platform. When we launch the full platform, we will have a proper log-in system and you will be able to access from all devices. We know the current setup is not optimal and might be a bit confusing, we ask for patience and we are thankful for your trust in the product from such an early stage. For any inquiries, feel free to email us at Please, keep in mind that none of the aforementioned charges is refundable.

The link to access the program will be provided to you after you complete checkout. Make sure you save the link in your favorites. If you lose it, feel free to email us at from the email with which you subscribed and we will gladly send it to you again.

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